As we begin a new year, we want to take a moment to thank our clients and friends for all your support this past year. We have completed another strong year of growth and we appreciate you choosing to work with us.

As our long time clients know, GSA makes a contribution each year to World Vision to help people in impoverished nations. This year, we have made a gift to bring clean water to the equivalent of an entire small village in the Central African nation of Rwanda. Dirty, unsafe water leads to the illness and death of countless people around the globe. Particularly women and children can spend hours walking each day to retrieve bacteria infested water for their families. This can also prevent children from attending school. There is no doubt this will have a dramatic, life changing effect on the lives of these families.

Here is a video on the tremendous changes clean water can bring:

This would not be possible without you! Thank you on behalf of these Rwandan families. If you would like additional information about World Vision’s clean water initiatives, please go to  or feel free to contact me directly.


Mike Mason